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Nutritional Information

The information below has been taken directly from the packaging of each product. Products are listed in the following order: Beers, Ciders, Mocktails, Mixers and Spirits; then alphabetically within each of those groups. All values are per 100ml. Any entries showing a dash ‘ – ‘ means no information is available.

The nutritional information may change from time to time. We periodically review the information and update it but there may be times when it is not entirely accurate. Please check the information on the packaging before consumption.


BeverageCaloriesCarbohydratesof which SugarsFatsof which saturatedProteinSaltContains:
Big Drop Brown Ale30.1 kcal4.2g2.3g0.2g0.1g0.1g<0.1gBarley, Wheat, Lactose.
Big Drop Lager11.8 kcal1.4g0.8g0.4g0.1g<0.1g<0.1gBarley, Oats, Rye, Lactose.
Big Drop Pale Ale18.5 kcal3.6g2.0g0.1g0.1g<0.1g<0.1gBarley, Wheat, Lactose.
Big Drop Citra18.5 kcal3.6g2.0g0.1g0.1g<0.1g<0.1gBarley, Wheat, Lactose.
Big Drop Sour16 kcal3.5g3.0g0.2g0.1g<0.1g<0.1gBarley, Wheat, Lactose.
Big Drop Stout27.5 kcal5.4g3.0g0.2g0.1g<0.1g<0.1gBarley, Oats, Rye, Lactose.
Big Drop Winter/Spiced Ale30.1 kcal4.2g2.3g0.2g0.1g0.1g<0.1gBarley, Wheat, Lactose.
Bitburger Drive22 kcal5.1g0g0g0g0.5g0gBarley
Brew Dog Nanny State6 kcal1.0g0.4g<0.1g<0.1g0.1g<0.1gBarley, Wheat, Rye.
Brewdog Punk AF15 kcal3g1.8g<0.1g<0.1g0.1g<0.1gBarley, Oats, Wheat, Lactose
Brew Dog Raspberry Blitz9.3 kcal1.5g0.6g<0.1g<0.1g0.1g<0.1gBarley, Oats, Wheat
Budweiser Budvar B:FREE15.5 kcal3.1g1.6g0g0g0.2g0gBarley
Cheers Branca26 kcal5.8g3.1g0g0g0.3g0gBarley
Cheers Preta26 kcal5.6g2.7g0g0g0.3g0gBarley
Erdinger25 kcal5.3g3.6g<0.1g<0.1g0.4g0.0013gBarley, Wheat
Estrella Free Damm20 kcal4.7g1.7g0g0g0.2g<0.01gBarley
Estrella Galicia21 kcal5.0g3.3g0g0g0g0gBarley
Fitbeer20 kcal4.06g1.09g<0.1g<0.1g0.44g0.005gBarley
Franziskaner21 kcal4.4g1.84g<0.1g0g0.55g0.002gBarley, Wheat
Früh Kölsch16 kcal3.1g
Früh Sport23 kcal6.1g4.7gBarley
Furstenberg Pilsner11 cals2.4g<0.5g<0.5g<0.1g0.6g0.02gBarley
Hitachino Nest Non-AleBarley
Infinite Session IPA12 kcal2.2g1.8g0.3g0g0.1g<0.01gBarley, Oats, Wheat
Infinite Session Pale11 kcal3.3g2.8g0g0g0.2g<0.01gBarley, Oats, Wheat
Infinite Session PILS12 kcal2.1g1.7g0.3g0.1g<0.01gBarley, Oats, Wheat
Jever Fun13 kcal2.1g0g0g0g0.5g0.016gBarley
Krombacher Pilsner26 kcal5.7g2.8gNegligibleNegligibleNegligibleNegligibleBarley
Laine King Limbo IPA11 kcal2.4g0.4g<0.1g<0.1g0.3g<0.1gBarley, Oats, Rye, Wheat
Lindeboom Ale22 kcal4.5g2.3g0g0g0.3g0gBarley
Lindeboom Radler34 kcal7.7g5.7g0g0g0.5g0gBarley
Lowlander WIT8 kcal6.6g3.6g<0.5g<0.5g<0.2g<0.1gBarley, Wheat
Lucky Saint Lager16 kcal3.5g0.1g<0.1g<0.1g0.6g<0.01gBarley, Wheat
Maisel’s Weisse24 kcal5.2g1.3g0g0g0.6g0gBarley, Wheat
Mikkeller Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse27 kcal6.7g<0.5g<0.5g<0.5g<0.5g<0.1gBarley, Wheat
Mikkeller Drink’in the Sun16 kcal3.7g<0.5g<0.5g<0.5g<0.1g<0.1gBarley, Wheat
Mikkeller Drink’in the Snow32 kcal8.1g<0.5g<0.5g<0.5g<0.5g<0.1gBarley, Wheat
Mikkeller Energi Bajer16 kcal3.7g<0.1g<0.5g<0.5g<1.0g<0.1gBarley, Wheat
Mikkeller Henry and His Science…10 kcal2.6g<0.1g<0.5g<0.5g<1.0g<0.1gBarley
Mikkeller Racing Beer10 kcal2.6g<0.1g<0.5g<0.5g<1.0g<0.1gBarley
Morland Old Speckled Hen22 kcal4.1g2.0g<0.1g<0.1g0.4g0.1gBarley
Nirvana Karma Pale Ale
Nirvana Kosmic Stout20 kcal4.8g2.8g0.1g<0.1g0.1g<0.1gBarley
Nirvana Mantra
Nirvana Sutra Pale Ale10 kcal1.7g0.1g0.1g<0.1g0.1g<0.1gBarley
Nirvana Tantra Pale Ale16 kcal3.7g2.2g0.1g<0.1g0.1g<0.1gBarley, Wheat
Nøgne Ø Stripped Craft50 kcal12.5g12.5g<0.01g<0.01g0.2g0.01gBarley, Wheat
Peroni Libera Lager22 kcal5.3g3.0g0g0g0.2g0gBarley
Sagres Lager22 kcal4.9g2.6g<0.1g<0.1g<0.3g0gBarley
San Miguel24 kcal24 kcal1.7g0g0g0.3g0.01gBarley
Schneider Weisse23 kcal5.0g1.5g0g0g0.6g0gBarley, Wheat
Super Bock Pilsner23 kcal4.7 g1.0g0g0g0.5g0gBarley
Super Bock Stout26 kcal5.6g2.7g0g0g0.3g0gBarley
Thornbridge Point Five Pale Ale18.5 kcal3.6g2.0g0.1g0.1g<0.1g<0.1gBarley, Wheat
Veltins Pilsner26 kcal6.33g2.6g<0.5g<0.1g 0.56g<0.01gBarley
Warsteiner23 kcal5.1g1.6g0g0g0.5g0.01gBarley


CiderCaloriesCarbohydratesof which SugarsFatsof which saturatedProteinSaltContains:
Old Mout Berries and Cherries Cider38 kcal9.2g9.0g0g0g0g<0.01gSulphites
Sheppy’s Cider28 kcal7g7gSulphites
Stowford Press Low Alcohol Cider29 kcal6.5g6.5g0g0g0g0gSulphites
The Good Cider of San Sebastian


MocktailsCaloriesCarbohydratesof which SugarsFatsof which saturatedProteinSaltContains:
Info Coming Soon


MixersCaloriesCarbohydratesof which SugarsFatsof which saturatedProteinSaltContains:
Info Coming Soon


SpiritsCaloriesCarbohydratesof which SugarsFatsof which saturatedProteinSaltContains:
Info Coming Soon

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